nedelja, 21. april 2013

Finally workout!

After being ill, problems with my teeth...I'm finally OK! Two month of no exercise, no gym...showing up in my bad endurance. I was already nervous! Done my first workout today. Outside! Went for a run. It feels soo good, perfect! HAPPY. Back in the game. I like it! 

Run this nice way to our lake - Šmartinsko lake.

Done some sprints through 48 stairs (10x) and this is the wiew from the top...

And also did some jumping squats, lunges, push-ups, crunches, triceps bench dips...
My new running buddy Mizuno Wave Rider 15.

My polar said:
- Duration: 01:12:16
- Burned 783 kcal
- Average <3 163 / Max. <3 182

Already legs are burning. Probably next days will be like
This isn't my picture. Taken from Here.

Stay tunned, in next days I'll post my meals.

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