nedelja, 5. maj 2013


My favourite fit, healthy food. Wanted something different for brakefast. Found a cool blog with recipes  

1. Mini omlets with apple. 

And thats how I made them: Brocolli, eggs, cheese. The recipe you can find on

2. Strawberry - banana smothie

3. Coconut protein cream with banana and strawberries <3

A prefect dessert. Keto approved. LOVE IT :)
Just mix whipping cream (without sugar) and protein powder together. Top with fruits, nuts, coconut, or what ever you like. And put for 15 minutes in fridge. Bon Apetit!

See you next time.

sobota, 4. maj 2013

Question day...

Horticultural facility in Slovenia. Famous for its spring flowers and exhibitions. Daffodils. Tulips. Perfect place for a nice walk and relax...and making pictures... Anyone knows?

This is...Arboretum!

Our saturday family trip. My Nikon D90 had a lot to do. I made a fotoreport for you. Enjoy!

Flowers, flowers, flowers... just love these colours!

Cactus exhibition. LOVE THEM!

Exhibition of orchids. I was a little bit dissapointed. Few years ago the orchids exhibition was better.

And the last exhibition just for few days. I think just till tomorrow. Holland.

 So this is it. Write me. And se you next time.


sreda, 1. maj 2013

Creative Sunday

Love making cards. And I decided to buy Big Shot starter kit. I have to say: I love it! I'm just confused which tampletes to buy. Anyone a suggestion?


Let me show you some first cards created with my new toy. 


Made some invitation cards for my lil' sis holy communion. I know it isn't the right theme, but don't have the right tamplates. But anyway it think they are ok. 

What do you think? Would love to ready your comments.