nedelja, 21. april 2013

Finally workout!

After being ill, problems with my teeth...I'm finally OK! Two month of no exercise, no gym...showing up in my bad endurance. I was already nervous! Done my first workout today. Outside! Went for a run. It feels soo good, perfect! HAPPY. Back in the game. I like it! 

Run this nice way to our lake - Šmartinsko lake.

Done some sprints through 48 stairs (10x) and this is the wiew from the top...

And also did some jumping squats, lunges, push-ups, crunches, triceps bench dips...
My new running buddy Mizuno Wave Rider 15.

My polar said:
- Duration: 01:12:16
- Burned 783 kcal
- Average <3 163 / Max. <3 182

Already legs are burning. Probably next days will be like
This isn't my picture. Taken from Here.

Stay tunned, in next days I'll post my meals.


Sorry for being away so long. This week was very busy. Had to work the whole day.

Monday morning.
Tuesday morning.
Wednesday morning.

Let me show you my weekend work. Flowers in our garden. It's a lovely wiew. Love this colours.

četrtek, 11. april 2013


The weather is gettin better and better. 
Sunny day! YEAH! 
And everything began to bloom. 
Love this colours. 
My cold is almost gone. Feeling much better. How was your day?

ponedeljek, 8. april 2013

Finaly Spring

Some pictures made in our garden. Winter and snow finaly gone. I like snow, but this was way too much.

Let me show you some beautiful things that I see through my kitchen window.

Winter: gone!
 So spring can come: 
Love birds, but takes time to get a nice shot.


  All pics are mine (taken and edited by me). I alwasy wanted a good camera. In last december I finaly realized it. Bought Nikon D90. Totally in love. But I'm a beginner and every suggestion or advice is welcome.  

So feel free to comment. 

I'd love to read your ideas.

 See you next time :)